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The All India Association of Sports For All [(AIASFA) is the Honorary Association, affiliated with The Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA) and Asiana Sport for All (ASFAA) as the umbrella organization and electoral right body on behalf of India since 2001 onwards.

The All India Association of Sports For All [(AIASFA) Association, Registered under the Societies Act XXI 1860] since 2001 at Delhi. Its’ aim is to keep alive Traditional Games, Prime Sports developments and better physical activities at all level in the country.

Further it develops the module of modern trends in Physical Education and Sports Sciences through regular fitness activity among people of all ages. As change is the law of nature including Human nature, it denotes movement and development in families in India.

AIASFA took lead to show the path of Healthy Living and Harmony to establish Peace through “Sport For All” among Indian youth and others.

Thie of Sport for All initiated in France by Olympic Hero Pierre de Coubertin which flourished in Western countries then gradually expanded in Asia and India.