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History Of AIASFA

The wave of Sport for All initiated in France by Olympic Hero Pierre de Coubertin which flourished in Western countries then gradually expanded in Asia and India.

The All India Association of Sports For All [(AIASFA) have been organized number of Sport for All Activities among the school children in India since 1999 onwards. In 2011 AIASFA had initiated a tour of Bangladesh involving children from various schools in India.

Sports for All delegation teams from SAKA of South Korea had exchanged their expertise to the Indian schools sports endeavors 2012.

The All India Association Of Sports For All [(AIASFA) in association with The Association for International Sport for all (TAFISA) and Asiana Sport for All (ASFAA) organized “12th ASFAA Congress” in 2012 at India, Delhi.
First ever of its kind organized in India, the Congress had being attended by over 86 delegates from 30 countries including 7 delegates from Pakistan. The theme for the 12th ASFAA Congress was “Sports For All: Health, Education And Culture In Contemporary world” which aims to encourage Indians to actively participate in Sports activities, thereby creating a better quality of life and well being.

In the inaugural address, Late Dr. Anita Ghosh- Former President of All India Association of Sport for All (AIASFA) welcomed the distinguished delegates and presented a brief report about the 12th ASFAA Congress highlighting the first time participation of numerous countries including Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Oman and Korea.
Mr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma, General Secretary of All India Association of Sport for All (AIASFA) and Organizing Secretary 12th ASFAA Congress had expressed his hope that Congress would be able to bring out the significance of traditional and prime sports in modern era and to achieve the objective of TAFISA and ASFAA.

Mr. Chang Ju Ho, TAFISA President, Founder Member & Advisor, ASFAA, expressed that, ‘’ASFAA was proud to host the Congress in the beautiful country of India which was steeped in heritage and traditions. We are confident that this congress will establish new benchmarks for global brotherhood and humanity.” He remarked that the Congress would probably motivate more people in India and member nations to take up sports related activities, thereby shaping a good model of Sports globally.

Mr. Dato Sarjit Singh Sekhon – Vice President, ASFAA, Malaysia, explained his views and hopes for the better world through better India by achieving the object of the AIASFA.
Other distinguished guests present during the inauguration were Prof. Kang Tu Li- Former President, TAFISA, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group, Dr. C P Thakur- Member, Parliament, Dr. A K Uppal- Sr. Director, Amity School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences and Maj Gen K J Singh- Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities.

In the past General Assembly of TAFISA and ASFAA the President and General Secretary of AIASFA casted its vote on behalf of India for elected the new Board of Directors of TAFISA and ASFAA.