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World Challenge Day

Would your neighbours benefit from positive experiences in Sport for All? As part of #TakeBackYourStreets, the TAFISA World Challenge Day is a friendly international competition in Sport for All and physical activity where communities from around the world compete to motivate as many people as possible to be physically active for 15 minutes on a single day – the last Wednesday each May. The event is a fun day that creates awareness and enthusiasm for physical activity and active living.

World Challenge Day is open to communities of any size from any country, and since its beginning in 1991, TAFISA World Challenge Day has been growing rapidly, gathering millions of participants every year.

TAFISA World Challenge Day has two enticing competition elements. WCD communities are automatically included in both:

One-On-One Community Challenge: Communities from around the world are paired according to size in this traditional WCD competition to be the most active.

World Challenge Day Cup: Communities compete to be the most active with all other communities in their category, based on population

World Challenge Day – History

It all began in Canada, 1983. The city of Saskatoon initiated the first Canadian Challenge Day. Over fifty other communities accepted the Challenge – and more than 650,000 people took part. From Canada, the Challenge has taken its highly successful course around the world and gained international recognition. Apart from the national events, international rivalries including communities from all over the world became the rule and paved the way for the World Challenge Day.

TAFISA launched the international event and has coordinated the World Challenge Day (formerly International Challenge Day) since 1990. Since then more than 50 countries with thousands of communities and millions of participants have made the event the largest in the history of Sport for All.

Registrations for the TAFISA WCD 2018 are open! Please fill and send us the application form :
TAFISA WCD 2018 Application Form

As a general guide to WWD, please see the 2017 Flyer, or please contact the TAFISA office with any queries.
TAFISA 2018 WCD Flyer