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Nehru Trophy Boat Race – 2018

66th Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2018 to be organized in association with All India Association of Sports For All (AIASFA)
Nehru Trophy Boat Race, which is one of the icons of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage, is getting an international exposure and wide publicity around the world through All India Association of Sports For All (AIASFA). It is partnering with District Administration of Alappuzha to bring the live 360-degree video telecast of Nehru Trophy Boat Race which can be viewed from all around the world. Dr. Mohammed Khan, the International Media Officier of AIASFA is in charge of this telecast. His team was behind the media publicity of 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups that took place in South Africa and Brazil respectively. AIASFA is the Indian unit of The Association For International Sports for All (TAFISA), which is recognized by IOC (International Olympic Committee). It is also an active partner of WHO and UNESCO. The primary objective of AIASFA is to promote sports and fitness among the people to improve the physical and mental well-being. The association has conducted a lot of activities which created overwhelmingly positive feedback from all over the world. 
The 66th Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2018 which was initially supposed to be held in August was postponed to November due to the flood that hit Kerala.The organizers plan to give international coverage and publicity for the event through social media and mass media. Pre-registered participants will receive participation certificates from AIASFA and the District Administration of Alappuzha.